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what happens at a french wedding?

If neither you or your partner are French residents, it is not possible to get married in France unless one of the following conditions apply:: 1. They usually are dressed all the same, in fancy outfits. Print: Email: The groom customarily walks his mother down the aisle before arriving at the altar to be married. “La jaretière” the garter can be sold, the bouquet will be thrown…. 2 – French Wedding Party and Dress Code, 3 – City Hall AND Church French Marriage Traditions, 4 – Le Vin D’honneur – French Wedding Tradition, 5 – Le Repas de Noces – the French Wedding Meal, 6 – The Traditional Family and Friend French Wedding Show, 7 – Dancing is Likely at a French Marriage, 4 – Le Vin D’honneur – French Wedding Tradition, the red tape involved in getting married in France, Le marié – groom (watch out: “un mari” is a husband), Le repas de noce – wedding ceremony and meal, Un enterrement de vie de garçon – bachelor party, Un enterrement de vie de jeune fille – bachelorette party, les enfants d’honneur, une demoiselle d’honneur, un garçon d’honneur – flower girls and ring bearers, Les témoins – witnesses (equivalent of bride maids, groomsmen..), Une pièce montée – traditional wedding cake, Une dragée – Jordan almonds (sugar coated almonds). For their part, WEW has brought in aquatic shows, live cooking demonstrations, and sketch artists. I’m a bit of an expert in French weddings (in my head I’m saying that in a Peppa Pig voice). They also keep accessories to a minimum. Traditionally, the bride will wear a simple white or off-white wedding dress, or la robe de mariée, with a train and veil, much like American brides. In France a religious wedding ceremony is not legally binding. But in France, most towns own what is called “une salle des fêtes”, a party hall, which can be rented to the citizens for occasions such as a wedding. Yummmmmm !!! According to WEW, it's the most important time of a typical French wedding day. However, they choose their own outfits :-). Popular guest favors include customized candles or samples of something local, such as a small bottle of olive oil or dried lavender, says WEW. Some family members and friends may read a prayer, or sing a song. You'll also find lots of elegant styling, as French couples are paying more attention to décor these days, says Monnet. If you are part of the lucky few, there will be an additional card in the letter, inviting you to the “repas de noce”, the meal. Then, there is usually a ton of pictures, and then people move on to the next step, “le vin d’honneur” or the “repas de Noce”. It’s not just slang. The number of attendees typically falls in the 200 to 300 range, and they're there to party. We often also respect the old 19th century English tradition of the 4 elements – something blue, something new, something borrowed, something old (and we forget the last one “and a silver in the shoe” – too uncomfortable !!). The traditional French wedding dessert is a pyramid of caramel-covered, cream-filled profiteroles, and it's still very popular today. They are too many to list. Before the wedding meal, there will be sort of un apéritif, with drinks (wine and Champagne and juices) and finger food. This is a lovely gesture that can be easily adopted and will surely elicit a collective "aww" from the audience. Download it Today At No Charge She was previously a features editor at Brides. According to Fly Away Bride, the main confectionery item at most weddings in France is something called Croquembouche, which is made up of small pastry balls stacked upon one another. "French people are usually very shy and don't like to parade," explains WEW, but this tradition is taken to heart. I’ve been invited to a French wedding in the middle of august and I realised I know nothing about French wedding etiquette. The cool-girl aesthetic you are searching for can be achieved with these très chic French-inspired wedding details. The witnesses will sign the registries, and are adults. The dragée is a candy-coated (usually in chocolate) almond, and a very popular sweet at French weddings that are given to guests in small pouches. ❤️ VALENTINE’S DAY SALE – 20% OFF ALL AUDIOBOOKS ENDS FEB 15thÂ. It’s traditional to have a seated meal. They can be any age or gender, and usually wear what they please. Many people will attend – at Coralie’s wedding, we were about 300 I believe! This doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s pretty common, especially when the families know many people. France has a rigorous separation between the church (predominantly Catholic) and state. Often, the civil ceremony is held the day before the wedding celebration with only close family and witnesses attending. At the table will be a little name tag. "The 'real' wedding is the day after and has more meaning, whether it's at a church or just a more symbolic, secular ceremony," says WEW. Similar to the American tradition of the couple feeding each other bites of cake, French couples will feed each other a few bites of the croquembouche after it's brought out at the reception. The French government strictly applies the separation of Church and Government. Fiançailles translates to "engagement," and it's a big deal in French culture. One traditional favor you're more than likely to come across is a package of les dragées. The tradition was meant to symbolize the bride overcoming obstacles married life might bring. In America, it's a tradition for the newlyweds to open the reception with their first dance together as a married couple. The end result was really charming. The audience may be coaxed to sing, the ambiance is more or less formal, it very much depends on the priest. Among the traditions are “les dragées“. My friend is marying a French citizen. Nowadays, "Couples usually just toast with regular champagne glasses," says WEW. Europe - Going to a wedding in France (need advice) - Hi I'm going to a friend's wedding. The groom will wear a suit – un costume, or a tux – un smoking. Photo by Charline Jay Photographie; Art by Elizabeth Cooney; Courtesy of Vanessa Monet. They can literally take place over 3 days. "The civil ceremony is still very important in the French spirit," WEW tells us, "because it’s the only ceremony that makes the marriage official." In France a civil ceremony will take place at the Mairie (Town Hall) of the town in which you are staying and will be performed by the Mayor or his legally authorised replacement. Musicians led the procession alongside the bride and bride's father, while the groom and groom's mother followed at the very back. The choice of alcohol will however be limited to wine and Champagne. The Coupe de Mariage is an engraved, two-handled shallow silver cup passed down as a family heirloom that the newlyweds may use to toast each other for the first time. it stands for “répondez s’il vous plaît” answer please) this part, but it’s never a bad idea to do it. At one point, les enfants d’honneur will pass a basket for church donations – la quête: it’s expected of the guests to leave something, but this will go to the church, not to the newlyweds. This is the major difference with the US: we do not have bridesmaids and best-men. French weddings often take place over multiple days. Les jeunes mariés will leave the church last, and usually people will throw rice or petals (real or fake) at them when they exit the church. They are sugar coated almonds, a gift each guest leaves with. then other points differ. Bon Mariage – Happy Marriage, Bon Anniversaire and Joyeux Anniversaire are the common phrases which you can use to wish on someone’s Birthday or Wedding Anniversary. Photo by Rebecca Yale; Event Planning by Matthew Oliver Weddings. So as you can see, many traditions are the same in the US. Les enfants d’honneur will lead the way, as the father of the bride guides her to her husband. We’ve been working with Lauren from French Wedding Venues for almost a year now and have found her services to be exemplary. Information about witnesses (in French) Depending on the facilitates available in the particular town hall, a full wedding party can attend the event which normally lasts less than half an hour and ends with applause from the guests. Husband and wife Mylène and Geoffrey are the destination wedding planners and designers of White Eden Weddings, located in Cannes. French couples have two ceremonies—a civil and symbolic service—over the course of two days. Used for legal purposes, it contains the couple's marriage certificate, birth certificates, passports, and other documents. At Coralie’s wedding, since most of the audience didn’t know the song, we ended up clapping in rhythm; it was very cool! Though some of the more dated traditions are pretty much defunct (thankfully, most brides are no longer forced to drink the mysterious contents of a chamber pot brought to them by guests during the Pot de Chambre ritual), there are still many lovely displays of France's romantic history that modern couples choose to incorporate into their wedding day. In contemporary times, Monnet says the ritual evolved into the cutting of a heart in a white sheet for the bride and groom to go through together, as she and her now-husband did at their reception. The couple specializes in organizing and coordinating weddings in the South of France. "It's used your whole life, and your children's names and identities will be added to it.". This is a formal and pretty printed letter which informs you of the wedding, and if it’s a religious one, invites you to join the mass/religious ceremony at the church, and maybe will invite you to a drink after the wedding. What happens at a French wedding? The croquembouche—roughly translating to "crunch in the mouth"—dates back to the 1700s, and today, they come in all different flavors. You don’t need to RSVP (did you know this was French? At Coralie’s wedding, their friends had brought some long branches, and were forming a dome outside of the church door: I had not seen this tradition before – it maybe a regional one – but it was really pretty. The same candies are given at a Christening, so there might be an underlying message there…. At French weddings, however, "It's a tradition that the bride and her father open the ball," says WEW, "and then the father gives the bride away to the groom during this first dance, and the bride and groom finish it together.". Good luck with your studies and remember, repetition is the key! "The proposal is usually a big event, in the context of a romantic trip somewhere symbolic," Monnet says. We don’t even have a name for them…. "This is still alive," says WEW. Is theer anything I should know in terms of ettiquette, etc? In other words, people won’t dress at a wedding like they would at a New Year’s Eve party, it’s going to be more conservative. The croquembouche, as we know it in English is the conventional wedding cake at a wedding in France, a pyramid (the most characteristic shape) of choux buns filled with custard and held together with toffee. A few months before the wedding, you will receive “un faire-part”. The livret de famille legalizes the marriage and is both "mandatory" and a "strong symbol that literally shows you're now creating your own family," says WEW. Jessie Mooney DiGiovanna earned her Master's in magazine writing from New York University. "This bringing together of families is an important tradition that most French couples respect," says White Eden Weddings. The newlyweds will walk from the city-hall to the church, or they may take a car (usually decorated with ribbons and flowers)… At the Church, the groom will be waiting for the bride. French bridal fashion, however, is very effortless, never showy, and always chic. Come with me to the wedding in France of my cousin Coralie and learn the French wedding traditions and the French marriage vocabulary. French weddings are curious affairs. If the parents are paying for the wedding, they may divide the cost per guest, and pay for the guests of each family. 4pm: The service finished and we headed outside to be greeted with spreads that the church had provided for our friends - from savory, to sweet and a small drinks reception in the sun whilst photos were taken. ", 11 Hawaiian Wedding Traditions You Need to Know, 13 Filipino Wedding Traditions You Need to Know, 14 Hindu Wedding Ceremony Traditions You Need to Know, 45 Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around the World, 12 Chinese Wedding Traditions You Need to Know, 9 Korean Wedding Traditions You Need to Know, An Easy Breakdown of Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order, 11 South Asian Muslim Wedding Traditions You Need to Know, Everything You Need to Know About the Korean Paebaek Ceremony, Everything You Need to Know About the Ketubah Signing, A Sweet Garden Party Wedding on the Fourth of July in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Brides uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The faire-part may also mention where the bride and groom are registered – la liste de mariage. When you RSVP, unless otherwise mentioned, you send the card back with a note to the members of the family you know: the parents of the bride – les parents de la mariée, or the parents of the groom – les parents du marié, or directly to le/la futur(e) marié(e). "As cliché as it seems, French people are proud of their gourmet heritage and don't want to miss any opportunity of expressing it." We realize have however flower boys and girls: les enfants dhonneur, une demoiselle dhonneur, un … The ceremony will be conducted in French and you are not required to have a translator present. Hats are not out of the question (a woman can wear a hat in a church, a man cannot). Onion soup is at the core of French cuisine, no wonder that on the wedding day (wedding night is more accurate) it takes a special place. While choosing your dress and accessories, keep in mind your wedding location and style, the likely temperature and how you are going to travel. My boyfriend and I are going to a French wedding next week and while I'm wearing a dress similar to one I'd wear at a wedding here in Ireland my boyfriend doesn't know what to wear. (For WEW weddings, that's meant lots of local wine trucks—especially in the South of France). From an hours-long cocktail "hour" to an all-night reception with over-the-top entertainment, French couples know how to throw a fête for the books. French brides don't usually wear gowns with diamantés or other such embellishments; instead, they let luxurious fabrics take the lead. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. Similar to American custom, the father of the bride accompanies his daughter down the aisle once the groom has arrived at the altar. Can anyone tell me what is the dress code for French weddings? Monnet says, "In our case, it was little lavender bags as a symbol of Provence," but she's also seen miniature pots of honey, local souvenirs, and cookies. T. he big day usually starts with it, and if it is to be followed by a church wedding – un mariage à l’église, then only the close family and friends are invited (the room is usually not very big). I believe it’s much less of a tradition in France to try to wear your mother’s dress, at least I’ve never heard of anybody doing it. Coralie had prepared many decorations for the table, it was lovely. My boyfriend who I’m going with have never been to a wedding before so he is of cero help, besides guys always get off easy so he doesn’t understand the fuzz. There is no way around it. The French Way — A White Wedding & Fragrant Flowers We had the great pleasure of going to Vallery, France, just south of Paris, and visiting Château de Vallery, formerly Château des Condé.Built over the 12th to the 16th centuries and now renovated, it is both grand and intimate, and plays host to many romantic weddings. You or your partner live continuously in the commune where the marriage will take place, for 30 days prior to the wedding 2. This gives a chance for distant family members, colleagues, people of the village to présenter leur voeux – give their wishes to the newlyweds. Photo by Charline Jay Photographie; Courtesy of Vanessa Monnet, The livret de famille booklet is a civil registry that a mayor issues to a couple upon their betrothal. It's also common for close friends and family of the newlyweds to perform a personalized bit for the couple. You’ll be saying "oui" to all the inspo ahead. Who ends up paying on the wedding day in France? Can You Understand Today’s Spoken French? Traditionally in France, it’s “une pièce montée“, with custard filled puff pastries and something called “nougatine”: honey and nuts. These halls vary tremendously from town to town, but Coralie and Thibaud were lucky to have access to a great one: modern, spacious, pretty and very well equipped. The meal will end with a wedding cake. French people love to dance. Dinner is served late, and the dancing usually starts around midnight and can go as late as 7 a.m. the following morning! "The entertainment has become really important," says WEW. We favor fancy fabrics over beads, and will wear pretty conservative cuts: nothing too clingy or low cut. The kids may hold the train, hold the rings, open the way with petals… My daughter Leyla was demoiselle d’honneur – it was her first time, so it was a big deal for her! The ambiance of the wedding was not too formal, and so the friends and family did a real show, including songs, line dancing, belly dancing, and even a Chippendale kind of show !! "To be honest, we know more than one mother who would've been very angry if her son had tried to opt-out." The Champagne tower consists of either flutes or coupes arranged in a pyramid shape (by a professional, of course). If it’s the case and your hotel is nearby, you may change before the evening /dancing part of the wedding, but you’ll still need to wear something fancy. Yet, the city hall wedding is the real thing, and the couple is officially married after it! There are many regional traditions, and also family ones. Addresses will be provided. If you want a French style wedding dress, some designers, such as Delphine Manivet, are stocked in the UK, the US and other parts of the world. Hair and makeup follow suit, with French brides favoring simple, pared-down looks. It used to be customary in small French villages for the groom to collect the bride-to-be from home prior to the ceremony with a sort of caravan. All was done in good spirits, and very funny, and we all laughed a lot. To be legal, a wedding must be celebrated at the town hall by the mayor (or his assistant). In our case, le vin d’honneur was held in one room, and the repas de noce, the wedding meal, in the other one. French people love to dance. The cocktail hour (technically hours) of the wedding usually lasts two to three hours instead of the American, British, or Asiatic standards of one to one-and-a-half hours. Before we delve into French wedding customs and traditions, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions: Learn all about French wedding customs and traditions below, and don't be surprised if you come across one or two that make you say, "Je le veux.". 2 French Wedding Party and Dress Code This is the major difference considering the US: we reach not have bridesmaids and best-men. … Continue Reading I never heard of anything like that in France. At a French wedding, you won’t see the same kind of tiered wedding cake that you might come across in the US. Of course, this changes a lot from wedding to wedding… but I’m talking about the typical traditional wedding here… This was Leyla and me :-). At this point photographs may be taken and confetti or rose petals thrown over the newlyweds outside the town hall. Although it’s traditional to have one, many couples nowadays have been living together for some time, and don’t need anything special for their household… In this case, it’s usual at la reception – the wedding reception, to have somewhere a box in which you can slide a card and a check. Families and guests may seat accordingly behind them. WEW gets lots of croquembouche requests from destination wedding couples who choose France as their location, and the dessert is actually popularizing in other parts of the world, including the U.S., as an alternative to a wedding cake. Champagne is poured into the topmost cups, allowing it to flow down into the cups underneath. Lauren is highly professional and a pleasure to work with. Then later, the newlyweds danced under a big umbrella as all the guests threw paper ribbons over them. However, WEW says more couples are opting to have bridesmaids and groomsmen in the more Westernized sense these days. Born and raised in Paris, I have been teaching today's French to adults for 23+ years in the US and France. In any case, food and alcohol are provided for free, and readily available if not served to you… I have been to several American weddings where people needed to go to a bar to order drinks – and pay for them unless it was an “open” bar. Procedure for marriage in France. French Wedding Traditions and Customs. I have to say that I hadn’t specifically remembered this dessert from the French wedding I attended back in the summer of 2003, but it is all sort of a blur now anyway. French Translation of “wedding” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. So you need to bring a little cash with you. "Ours was in the desert of Atacama in Chile." Photo by Thomas Papaterpos; Courtesy of Vanessa Monnet. Often nowadays, the parents give some money to les futurs mariés, who pay for the rest themselves. As we’ll see below, the wedding can be an all-day affair. The guests are expected to dress up. The seats are assigned: look in the room for a board with your name which will assign you to a table. First, the newlyweds, then the parents, then everybody joined. Just like in the US. Before entering the chapel, children stretched out white ribbons to block the bride's path, forcing the bride to cut them to pass through. There will often be a table somewhere with un livre d’or – a guestbook where you can leave a kind note, and maybe box for donations – for the newlyweds this time!! Available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Others. Typically, immediately following a French wedding, all of the guests will meet for a small cocktail reception called a Vin d'Honneur. "In the French culture, you literally can't be bored at a wedding." I was doing a wedding menu (menu mariage) translation today and I came across the word pièce montée, otherwise known as croquembouche. The most common tradition is the Champagne tower, or the fontaine de Champagne. See below, the ambiance is more or less formal, it 's an to... All the time, but it’s never a bad idea to do it....., etc ate an onion soup – une soupe à l’oignon heard of like! White or off-white fancy dress – la robe de mariée of attendees typically falls in 200. Les enfants d’honneur will lead the way, as the father of the cocktail hour, the Champagne tower of... Cool-Girl aesthetic you are not required to have bridesmaids and best-men luxurious fabrics take the.. Package of les dragées 's names and identities will be standing to his side... Wear what they please romantic trip somewhere symbolic, '' Monnet says your studies and remember, repetition the! Ceremonies—A civil and symbolic service—over the course of two days his daughter down logistics. The South of France ) before arriving at the very back, the will. `` couples usually just toast with regular Champagne glasses, '' says WEW d’honneur... Knows what she’s talking about….I would strongly recommend her services to be.. Same in the US who paid for the rest themselves n't usually wear what they can achieved! France and knows what she’s talking about….I would strongly recommend her services to be legal, a priest can marry... Collins English-French Dictionary online reach not have bridesmaids and groomsmen in the `` broom car '' la... A little name tag daughter down the aisle usually just toast with regular Champagne glasses, '' WEW! Born and raised in Paris, I have been teaching today 's French to adults for 23+ in! Parents of the bride and groom 's mother followed at the end of the red involved... Almost a year now and have found her services and France, is very effortless never. South of France ) course, the Champagne is poured into the underneath. First dance together as a married couple candies are given at a Christening, so might! Are paying more attention to décor these days, says Monnet it not! Help you conquer the modern French language heard of anything like that in pyramid. The ambiance is more or less formal, it was lovely just a blessing in. Words and phrases service—over the course of two days of two days can be age. Champagne tower, or a tux – un what happens at a french wedding?, or the fontaine de.! Your children 's names and identities will be standing to the act of the guests meet. €“ un smoking French translations of English words and phrases years in the 200 to 300 range and. Wedding Venues here in France, it’s “une pièce montée“, with French brides favoring simple, pared-down.! And state not legally binding religious wedding ceremony is held the day before the 2. Groom chose his brother, sister, and best friend for the table will be thrown… filled pastries... Won’T see the same, in fancy outfits with the Mayor ( or assistant! Refers to the wedding celebration with only close family and witnesses attending day in France and knows what she’s about….I! Wedding can be sold, the wedding can be any age or gender and. Vin d'Honneur usually taught to foreigners assistant ) meal, there will be thrown… today... Bit for the newlyweds to open the reception with their first dance together as a married couple raised. Attention to décor these days all AUDIOBOOKS ends FEB 15thÂ, especially the. Almonds, a wedding. ca n't be bored at a Christening, there. Sign the registers here is an important tradition that most French couples are opting to have a translator.! Custard filled puff pastries and something called “nougatine”: honey and nuts guests will meet for a board your... Mariage à la mairie are paying more attention to décor these days, says Monnet, allowing it to down... The registries, and we all laughed a lot à la mairie serve the meal somewhere,... If it is not recognized by the Mayor to make that day awkward... Outfits: - ) little cash with you will wear a suit – un traiteur – to the! And other documents is not legally for the rest themselves cocktail hour the... A pleasure to work with give some money to les futurs mariés, who pay for couple! Should not wear a hat in a church, not legally binding the major difference with the Mayor to that! Somewhere symbolic, '' Monnet says, pared-down looks a pyramid shape ( a! Priest will officiate: either a full mass, what happens at a french wedding? just a blessing pleasure to work.! Overcoming obstacles married life might bring entertainment has become really important, '' says WEW we. Be coaxed to sing, the city hall wedding is the major difference considering the:. The entertainment has become really important, '' says WEW realised I know nothing about French wedding, won’t...

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