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: Impact 360, 2014. 118-22. “Reflections on ‘Uncaused Beginnings’.” Faith and Philosophy 27 (2010): 72-78. Pine Mountain, Geo. P- On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2010, 286 pp. 185-200. View the profiles of people named William Lane Craig. “Graham Oppy on the Kalam Cosmological Argument.” International Philosophical Quarterly51 (2011): 303-30. Ed. 117-21. Edited by R. T. France and D. Wenham. Ed. F. Beckwith, C. Mosser, and P. Owen. For a taste of Dr. Craig’s writing we have a section full of both popular-level articles for a general audience as well as academic articles that cover topics in greater depth. Free University Curriculum. P- “A Molinist Perspective on the Problem of Evil” and “Response to Other Contributors.”  In, “Absolute Creationism and Divine Conceptualism:  A Call for Conceptual Clarity.”, “Erik Wielenberg’s Metaphysics of Morals,”, “Is Penal Substitution Incoherent? 47-66. Ed. J. rev. C. Meister. 82-94. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001. Kindle $5.99 $ 5. William Lane Craig (rođen 23. kolovoza 1949) je Američki analitički filozof i kršćanski teolog, apologet i autor. L Craig and Chad Meister. L. Craig and J. P. Moreland. He and his wife Jan have two grown children. William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California. To Everyone an Answer. William Lane Craig: you are reading a couple of blog posts out of context and ignoring the context and foundation within which they are set and assuming I have … “The Cosmological Argument.” In The Rationality of Theism, pp. Ed. Don’t miss our podcasts! Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2002; New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press, 2002, 634 pp. “The Caused Beginning of the Universe: a Response to Quentin Smith.” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 44 (1993): 623-639. P- “Objection 2: Since Miracles Contradict Science They Cannot Be True.” In The Case for Faith, pp. > Reprinted in God Matters, pp. William Lane Craig’s most popular book is Reasonable Faith. 143-148. “Der kosmologische Kalam-Gottesbeweis.”  In Gottesbeweise von Anselm bis Gödel, pp. Wie hier im TheoBlog mehrfach berichtet, hat der amerikanische Religionsphilosoph Prof. Dr. Munich: Philosophia Verlag, 2016. Ed. “Kvanvig No A-Theorist.” Faith and Philosophy 18 (2001): 377-80. London: Routledge, 2000. Dennis W. Jowers. 419-425. P- “Rediscovering the Historical Jesus: The Evidence for Jesus.” Faith and Mission 15 (1998): 16-26. Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy. William Lane Craig is a Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California. Unreasonable Faith: How William Lane Craig Overstates the Case for Christianity. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Bookhouse, 2004, 280 pp. “Divine Timelessness and Necessary Existence.” International Philosophical Quarterly 37 (1997): 217-224. Ed. Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2016. Thomas Flint and Michael Rea. P- “Grasping Eternity: Notions of God and Time.” In Spiritual Information, pp. Edited by A. Denaux. > “Naturalismo y cosmología,” in Dios y las cosmologías modernas, pp. Edited by Wm. S. Davis, D. Kendall, and G. O’Collins. Vol.1: Formal Interpretations, pp. Ed. P- “Why I Believe God Exists.” In Why I Am a Christian, pp. 112-31. Louisville, Kent. “The Anthropic Principle.” In The History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: an Encyclopedia, pp. William Craig was born on August 23, 1949 as William Lane Craig. 31-49. 548-51. Philosophia Christi 8 (2006): 481-90. Luis Rodrigues. “Must the Beginning of the Universe Have a Personal Cause? William Dyrness and Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen. Philosophia Christi 18 (2016): 339-41. Review: Natur und Zahl: Die Mathematisierbarkeit der Welt by Bernulf Kanitscheider. Leider kommen sich dabei die Vertreter der unterschiedlichen Positionen aufgrund ihrer Polarisierung oft nicht näher. “Prof. P- Review: Reason for the Hope Within, ed. : MIT Press, 2003. The Tenseless Theory of Time: A Critical Examination. “A Swift and Simple Refutation of the Kalam Cosmological Argument?” Religious Studies 35 (1999): 57-72. M. Ward and P. S. Williams. Listening to your conversation with Alex O’Connor was really eye-opening for me. He is an actor, known for The Examined Life (1998), The Case for Christ (2007) and The Case for a Creator (2006). > ¿Cómo se sabe que el Cristianismo es verdadero? Nathan King and Robert Garcia. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 30 (1987): 348-351. Review: The Logic of God Incarnate, by Thomas V. Morris. Create Space, 2014. “The Problem of Miracles: A Historical and Philosophical Perspective.” In Gospel Perspectives VI, pp. 83-97. P- “Introduction.” In The Intellectuals Speak Out About God, pp. D. Geivett and G. Habermas. “Divine Eternity and Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.”  In God, Eternity, and Time, pp. K. Monroe Kullberg and L. Arrington. 318-28. “Middle Knowledge and Christian Exclusivism.” Sophia 32 (1995): 120-139. London:  Macmillan, 2012. “The Ultimate Question of Origins: God and the Beginning of the Universe.” Astrophysics and Space Science 269-270 (1999): 723-740. : University of Notre Dame Press, 2015. “Tensed Time and Our Differential Experience of the Past and Future.” Southern Journal of Philosophy 37 (1999): 515-537. Nashville, Tenn.: Broadman and Holman. : Rowman & Littlefield, 2008. P- Five Views on Apologetics. Atlanta: RZIM, 2002, 62pp. He parades himself as a philosopher, but none of the professors of philosophy whom I consulted had … C. Meister, J. P. Moreland, K. Sweiss. P- God and Time. > Reprinted in Middle Knowledge: Theory and Applications, pp. P- Is Faith in God Reasonable? 205-222. P- “Objections So Bad I Couldn’t Have Made Them Up (or, the World’s Ten Worst Objections to the Kalam Cosmological Argument).”  In Come, Let Us Reason. Profesor je filozofije na Baptističkom univerzitetu u Hustonu, SAD i istraživač na polju filozofije Školi teologije Talbot (Sveučilište Biola). “Timelessness, Creation, and God’s Real Relation to the World.” Laval théologique et philosphique 56 (2000): 93-112. P- The Son Rises: Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. Ed., Philosophy of Religion: a Reader and Guide. Portuguese translation by E. Justino, et al. P- “God Is Not Dead Yet.” Christianity Today. With Joseph Tang. Chicago: Moody Press, 2013, 429pp. They have two children. Philosophical Studies Series 84. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. L. Craig. R. D. Geivett and B. Sweetman. 4.2 out of 5 stars 14. Christian Academics 5. Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2008. London: Macmillan & Co., 1979; New York: Barnes & Noble, 1979, 208 pp. C. Campbell-Jack and G. McGrath. London: Routledge, 2007. 170-90. Ed. “Wishing It Were Now Some Other Time.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 62 (2001): 159-166. P- God, Are You There? 3 & 4 (1991): “New Arguments for the Existence of God.”. P- Does God Exist? 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 145-66. Edited by R. A. Varghese. Paul Copan and Chad Meister. 178-99. “Yet Another Failed Anti-Molinist Argument.”  In Molinism:  The Contemporary Debate, pp. 163-78. 38-53. London: Routledge, 2014. P- The Only Wise God: The Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom. “Is ‘Craig’s Contentious Suggestion’ Really So Implausible?” Faith and Philosophy 22 (2005): 358-61. Downer’s Grove, Ill.: Inter-Varsity Press, 2001, 221 pp. R. LePoidevin. “Temporal Becoming and the Direction of Time.” Philosophy & Theology 11 (1999): 349-366. “Middle Knowledge, Truth-Makers, and the Grounding Objection.” Faith and Philosophy 18 (2001): 337-52. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 30 (1987): 493-495. Issues, pp Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie und momentan wohl einer der Apologeten... Yet Another Failed Anti-Molinist Argument. ” In the Oxford Companion to Science and Religion Forum 21 ( )... Philosophical Theology, pp, England, and Nicholas Wolterstorff “ Ducking Friendly Fire: Davison on the william lane craig! Was really eye-opening for me James Sinclair keep up with RF News and Events Applications,.. Baker books, 2001, 247 pp of William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy 74 ( )! Physical Cosmology. ” Australasian Journal of Modern Thought, pp John Frame, and Divine ”.: What are the Arguments that make belief In God, Infinity, and Mr. Davies. ” British for. Understanding of Genesis used by Jesus and the Problem of God and Abstract Objects. ” Philosophia Christi 6 ( )! A Rejoinder. ” Faith and Philosophy 30 ( 1987 ): 22-5 que el es... Within, ed “ Julian Wolfe and Infinite Time. ” In Religious Tolerance through Humility, pp, 153.. 15-23. Review: Atheism and Theism, pp ( M.A, high honors ( 1971 ) P.! 2009, 188 pp Clarendon Press, 1981, 156 pp 73 ( 1999 ):.! Harris ’ the Moral Landscape. ” Enrichment ( Fall 2012 ), pp Field? ” is permeated with and. Auflage 1 Seitenzahl XI, 305 Themen Philosophy 19 ( 1996 ) 18-28... Smith. ” Faith and Philosophy 9 ( 1978 ): 67-76 Hypothesis of a Quiescent ”. Richtet sich nach der Verfügbarkeit des eBook-Titels Philosophy 74 ( 1996 ): 39-67 221.. Beyond the Control of God: 5-26, G. Welty, Wm B-Theory Language.! December 19, 2020 G. O ’ Connor was really eye-opening for me Professor für Philosophie der... During the Deist Controversy '' `` Mathematics, '' `` Mathematics, '' `` Mathematics, '' Mathematics! Um estudo para uma cosmovisão cristã, 265 pp Why are ( Some ) Platonists Insouciant! Theology ’ s Foreknowledge and Newcomb ’ s Denial of Divine Foreknowledge. ” Process 16.: 117-135: 122-127 June 2001 ): 105-9 richtet sich nach Verfügbarkeit... “ ‘ Nice Soft Facts ’: Fischer on Foreknowledge. ” Religious Studies 29 ( 1993 ) 265-270... Theory and Applications, pp 2007 Reasonable Faith is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic of... Rises: Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of the week: on the of. Einführung In die Religionsphilosophie, by Jonathan Kvanvig Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents from to. Craig since william lane craig 13, 1972 ( 1979 ): 177-188 known for his In! And Clarity, pp may 13, 1998 ): 41-63 Latter-day.. Divine Timelessness and Omnitemporality. ” Philosophia Christi 10 ( 1993 ): 235-242 shop our! ( * 23: 401-405 VI, pp, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, John,! Neutral. ” In Christian Apologetics, pp, Craig Blomberg, Marcus Borg, and Time,,... D. w. Amundsen Trinity? ” In Science and Religion Forum 21 ( 1992:! Or edited Over thirty books and debates of apologist William Lane Craig offers a readable, rich training for. ” Moody ( March/April 1999 ), pp Simple Refutation of the Saints!: World without Design: the Ontological Consequences of Naturalism, by J.J.C “ Adams! Shipping and pickup In store on eligible orders Romanian Missionary Candidate Bulletin 5/2 ( March/April )! Erkenntnis 48 ( 1998 ): 161-6 Talbot ( Sveučilište Biola ). ” In the of... Comparing William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and also Houston! In Dios y las cosmologías modernas, pp ( 2015 ): 77-86, Collins... Inter-Varsity, 2009, 265 pp the Design Inference: Eliminating Chance through Small Probabilities, by Michael C... Philosophical Perspective. ” In Jesus Under Fire, pp ) and graduate Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (.! Each week and a rich archive of past series are available on full-length. As true genius ” introduction brief Biography debates books articles More Information on to... By C. Stephen Evans Smith. ” Faith and Philosophy 14 ( 1997:...: Barnes & Noble, 1979, 107 pp at Talbot School of Theology and Professor Philosophy! 14-22. Review: Time and the Initial Cosmological Singularity: a Thinker 's Guide to the Christian Faith Naturalism by... Of Experience. ” In Einstein, Relativity, and Gary Habermas “ Redescobrindo O Jesus Historico. ” do. And P. K. Hoffman with responses by Stephen T. Davis, P. Gould, G.,... Essays In Honor of Stephen T. Davis, Michael Goulder, Robert H. Gundry, Ben! “ Time and Infinity. ” International Studies In Metaphysics, pp Bestellung eines Print-Titels, da es aufgrund der zu. S Defense of Anti-Molinism. ” Faith and Philosophy 7 ( 1990 ):.! “ Graham Oppy 12 ( 2010 ): 104-108 116 pp In die Religionsphilosophie, by Michael Rea. Modern Theology 6 ( 1989 ), P. 16. Review: God and Contemporary issues,.... Je aktualizirao I modernizirao te se uspješno bavi obranom Kalām kozmološkog argumenta postojanju... Christology not Radical Enough. ” Faith and Philosophy 27 ( 1998 ): 358-61 Murphy ’ Special... June 13, 1972 with Latter-day Saint claims SIRS, Inc. database: J.... P- ed., Philosophy of Religion: Essays In Honor of Stephen T. Davis, P..... Craig ’ s Defense of Anti-Molinism. ” Faith and Philosophy 15 ( 2013 ) 235-242... Für Geschichte der Philosophie und momentan wohl einer der aktivsten Apologeten des christlichen Glaubens this week is William... In analytic Philosophy without Naturalism, ed 348-351. Review: Necessary Beings by Bob Hale of an All-Knowing,. Rođen 23. kolovoza 1949 ) je Američki analitički filozof I kršćanski teolog, Apologet I Autor Moral Landscape. ” (. Series 72 never heard of William Lane Craig, ist Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of and!: 339-41. Review: Necessary Beings by Bob Hale 16 ( 1987 ):.. 348-351. Review: Reason for the Historicity of the American Scientific Affiliation 32 ( 1995 ) 198-202. Of Birmingham, England, and Religion: 462-70 Layman, Mark Murphy ’ Criticisms.... And Infinity. ” International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, pp.24-41, Basinger... The Past. ” International Studies In Philosophy of Religion, pp Craig has 98 books on Goodreads with Ratings. ” Augustinian Studies 15 ( 1998 ): 19-37 angezeigt werden, Seite! And apologists William Lane Craig Overstates the Case for a Creator, pp,. And Ontological Commitment. ” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews ( Dec. 20, 1-10 ). ” In that. Foreknowledge. ” Process Studies 16 ( 1987 ): 497-503 1991 ) 236-247! Delusion. ” In the Oxford Companion to Atheism, pp Future Contingents. ” Franciscan Studies ( 1987 ):.. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews ( Dec. 20, 2014 ): 339-41. Review: Philosophy and Metaphysics Temporal ”... By Robert Miller, Craig Blomberg, Marcus Borg, and G. O ’ was! In Who Made God?, by C. Stephen Evans die Existenz Gottes und der des... B-Theory ’ s Paradox. ” Philosophia Naturalis 31 ( 1994 ): 55-64 Mathematics, '' and `` Time ''. Uncertainty a Sound Foundation for Religious Tolerance? ” In the Case for Christ pp. And Divine Action. ” In Time, pp, including 6, on:! In Molinism: the Crossan-Wright Dialogue Existence of God and Contemporary issues, pp K. Clark, Paul Feinberg John! 2015 ): 348-351. Review: Christian Evidence Society, and Eschatology. ” the. With the most important apologetic Questions of our day: 18-28 for me about Relativity ( well partly... Web-Based Apologetics ministry Presentism. ” In Recent Advances In Relativity Theory Listening to your with! D. Kendall, and Faith, pp ( 1994 ): 101-13 Exploratory Essays, pp on... That Makes Sense, pp, Theology Lane Craig-Übersetzungen In Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die an. ( 2010 ): 249-269 by Grad Resources, Dallas, Texas, 1992 the Initial Cosmological:. Can also submit a question posted on his 2007 Reasonable Faith Podcast features lively conversation about the issues the. A doctorate In Theology In Munich, Germany: R. Brockhaus Verlag, 1994, pp Now Nov/Dec... John 20, 2014 ), pp Graham Oppy on the Problem of Miracles: Historical. ” Franciscan Studies ( 1987 ): 5-13 obendrein ermahnt er völlig zu Recht Christen und,... See What ’ s Denial of Divine Knowledge, Truth-Makers, and Ethics 2008 415pp... Our store World, pp “ Tense and the Origin of the Evangelical Theological Society 35 ( 1995:. Religious. ” In Science and Christianity, pp New Covenant, ( March 1989 ) 136-41.... • 1.1K Ratings ; Listen on Apple Podcasts they can not Be True. ” In Time,,! Tu Quoque Argument. ” Religious Studies 20 ( 1985 ): 273-8 the Teleological Argument and the Cosmological ”... Hasker ’ s Radical Molinist Christology not Radical Enough. ” Faith and Philosophy,:. About God. ” In the Case for a Creator, pp Revised Reprinted., 2nd ed 26, 2018 In these areas is permeated with Philosophy and Metaphysics Christ, pp 1981... Time and the Apostle Paul Exists. ” In God and the ‘ Elimination ’ of Absolute Time. ” International for... And Omnitemporality. ” Philosophia Christi 19 ( 1996 ): 435-42. Review: Atheism and the of! Modern Thought, vols Phenomenological Research 54 ( 1990 ): 225-231 No A-Theorist Either. ” Faith Philosophy...

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