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More buying choices. Revell Enamel Solid Matt Paints - CHOICE OF COLOUR - … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Revell Aqua Color Paint. Each colour is filled in a practical 18 millimetre container and is easy to use. It is possible to apply another colour or coat of paint after only 4–6 hours. € Perfect adhesion. I’ll have to forgo the neolithic customer service provided by the grumpy old men at the local shop, but c’est la guerre. This paint provides excellent results on smooth surfaces. The Aqua-Color colours from Revell are high-quality acrylic colours with numerous advantages. FREE Delivery. These guys have given me a decent price after ordering and then letting them get back to me with a price. None of the colors suggested by “experts” jive with each other or quotes from the Baron hisself. Revell Aqua Paint. Unless some strange economic nonsense is afoot. In an emergency, Airbrush Clean ensures cleanliness. Then compare it to laughable Vallejo Model Color. £2.22 (5 new offers) Ages: 10 - 18 years. Blood red (not Testors Bloode Red). The Aqua range is denoted 36xxx. I have begged, pleaded, and shook my fist at the local stores to get what I want in, and they always say ‘No, we don’t carry xyz’ or ‘Our supplier doesn’t carry xyz. While many have a different name than the Revell Germany color, the actual colors have been matched as closely as possible. So okay I’m going to order some Aqua Color. If the postage is acceptable to me here on the other side of the world, surely it would be less to the US? The sellers are in the UK, and seem to have most of the wide range of colors. Aqua Color colours are also ideal for painting accessories in model making. I calculated the cost of ordering the Aqua Color direct from eModels and it’s an incredible $3.51 American including postage. It makes the Amerikaner paint look dumpkopf. It’s a miracle. The spectrum ranges from clear, matt and silk matt to glossy or metallic opaque colours. Revell Aqua is readily available on eBay. to Canada in June, and USA in August. It is odourless, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. Revell Aqua Color 36104. The Aqua-Color-Mix delays drying. Right. Colour representation on-screen will vary according to the monitor used and its display settings. Go ahead and name names. They will then seal up again easily, making sure the paint doesn’t dry out. Converted into AU dollars, and up against AU hobby paint prices, this is a winning price – for me – but then I thought ‘whoa, with Dan being in the US, he is probably used to paying bugger all for these paints’ so I guess it may not be such a great deal for you after all. Revell Aqua Color is the water-soluble paint series from Revell. Related: revell aqua colour revell model kits humbrol acrylic paint revell acrylic paint. One of the greatest advantages of the paints is that they can be diluted with water. *, Aqua Color, Yellow, Gloss, 18ml, RAL 1018, Aqua Color, Fiery Red, Gloss, 18ml, RAL 3000, Aqua Color, Carmine Red, Matt, 18ml, RAL 3002. £3.99£3.99. Revell 18ml Aqua Color Acrylic Paint (Black Mat Finish) 4.5 out of 5 stars 17. I am good at dealing with people! supplies. The convincing quality of Aqua Color colours is also reflected in their basic characteristics: These are mild smelling paints that contain almost no organic solvents and are not flammable. This makes the inks particularly suitable for beginners, as they can be painted over after just 60 minutes drying time. Tip: Aqua-Color inks and Enamel-Color inks can be coated on top of each other without any problems after the correct drying time has been observed. Also their enamels, spray cans, and etc. Who do you buy it from? Hobby shops have brought this on themselves really. Paint your masterpiece! Revell Enamel; Revell Aqua; Revell Spray; View as Grid List. +. Save 10% more with Subscribe & Save. $39.99 $ 39. For this purpose, the manufacturer's wide range of products includes intensive Aqua-Color colours for the various model building creations. Paints & Varnishes from Revell Wide variety of paints for model making. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Like some kind of David Cronenberg thing. The great advantages of Aqua-Color inks. £3.68 postage. If you are not sure which shades are required for which model, simply take a look at the product description of the model kit to be painted. Supplied in convenient 14ml tinlets, it can be brush painted and thinned to apply via a spray gun/airbrush. Aqua Colours – Whether matt or glossy, colourless, black, white or anthracite: the Revell colours from the Aqua Color series leave plenty of room for design possibilities in plastic model making. Don’t be a dumpkopf. The conversion for the US dollar at current would be $2.34 per 18ml pot. 12 ($45.11/100 ml ... with Storage Box, Rich Pigments, Non Fading, Non Toxic Paints for Artist, Hobby Painters & Kids, Ideal for Canvas Painting. Aqua Color, Bronze Green, Matt, 18ml, RAL 6031. Full range of Revell enamel, acrylic and spray paints in stock at low prices and next day delivery available. Hey folks. I was lucky to obtain two colors from a friend in Europe. It is important to clean the spray gun with water immediately after use. Okay, I’m going to give this stuff a whirl. Revell Aqua Color paints in completely new 18 ml containers are ideal to use: - The paints can be diluted with water - The paints have a mild odour - The paints are not inflammable - The paints contain practically no organic solvents - 88 different shades - The paints can be mixed together - The paint is totally dry after 2 to 3 hours If I ever build that Dr. There are others, but I was happy with what they quoted, so went with it. What is wrong with you people? Revell Paint Charts That is about 25 cents less than I pay for MM Acryl and I don’t get it delivered to my door. I deal with the customers so the engineers don't have to! The most popular Aqua Color paints are now available in all 88 shades. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Acrylic. I’d love to hear A total of 88 Aqua Color shades are available. 'Revell Email Color' paint in the practical 14-ml tins is ideal for painting small areas. I’ve seen this photo in B&W and colorized in a very rich red. Aqua Color - all colour wishes can become reality. Revell Aqua Color 36101. The Advantages: The Revell Aqua Colour paints are in completely new 18 ml containers and can be applied to your design: Quick Links . Achieve the perfect finish for every model with Revell Aqua Colour Acrylic Paint. Revell Aqua Categories. Revell USA, now that they own Revell Germany, will have something to answer for on judgment day if they don’t import this magical paint. Also their enamels, spray cans, and etc. Items 1-24 of 84. PERFECT. 01 Clear/Farblos Gloss. Revell acrylic paints are a solvent free fast drying paint developed for use on plastic models but can also be used on a wide range of surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramics, and metal. 01795 410630. modelworld uk t/a. 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,666. Hey folks… It hadn’t been opened in years. It lists the 3 most popular brands found in local stores. I’ll apply a coat of the regular acrylic paint to see if it needs more work. After careful brushing, smooth surfaces appear - the result is almost as good as with airbrushing and comparable to the result obtained with enamel paints. Page. It is no longer necessary for the model-builder to compromise. You don't have to follow the instructions - everyone decides for themselves how they want to paint their models. Like an old enamel, left to dry out in the tin, the Revell ACRYLIC came back and turned into usable paint with the addition of some water and a lot of stirring. Revell offers a wide range of high-quality acrylic paints (Aqua Color) and spray cans (Spray Color). And don’t overfill the container, otherwise the lids don’t like going on and air inside can pop the lid off. Assembling high-quality Revell models is just the beginning. This prevents the paint from drying too quickly in the spray gun. Stash. Use a brush to apply colours. Then sleep like a baby, knowing that you have found paint Nirvana. However, they must not be mixed with each other. Now, at least look at some of the UK shops that sell it online. After 2 to 3 hours the paint is completely dry. Thanks to the wealth of information and help in the shop, it's easy to quickly find the Aqua Color colors you need. As such these swatches (where provided) should be relied upon as a guide only and not as colour-accurate samples. supplies. Do you use a primer or you put the acylic paint directly on the plastic? It is no longer necessary for the model-builder to compromise. The latter two colour variants belong to the metallic covering colours. Revell Aqua is coming to North America,. After just one hour, you have the option of painting over a colour. We shall call it PERFECT. It does everything well. Revell Email Color is a synthetic resin enamel paint specially formulated for use on plastic model kits. I have looked at the fabric and wood artifacts in the Brit and Aussie war museums. if long, time frame. Zero Paints Tamiya Acrylic 10ml + 23ml Tamiya enamel Tamiya Spray TS Tamiya Lacquer Paint LP Alclad II Green Stuff World Gunze paints and sprays Italeri acrylic paints + sets Revell Aqua Revell email Humbrol enamel If you want to apply Aqua Color paints with a brush, you will benefit from the enormous brushability and the high opacity of the tones. This is caused by two little prongs that always bend the first time you open the paint jar. I have people skills! The paint is completely dry after 24 hours. Thanks. The advantages of this painting system: Revell Aqua Color paints in … I am all for keeping local jobs, which is why, in spite of KNOWING I could get things via the internet for cheaper and get the actual things I want, I have tried to give them a chance to bring in what I want. *All Revell Aqua Color paints can be intermixed/blended, except luminous colours (36125 Orange (Matt) / 36312 Yellow (Silk Matt) / 36332 Red (Silk Matt), although these three colours can be blended together to create different luminous shades. £10.00. No primer. In order to achieve a really beautiful result, it is advisable to dilute the colours with Aqua-Color-Mix. They can also be mixed with each other to produce even more detailed nuances for certain details of the special model. All these colours and many more can be ordered from our website. 2,85 All over. Revell Aqua Color Paints The most popular Aqua Color paints are now available in all 88 shades. AND it can be brought back from the dead by stirring in water. I ordered 6 colors that arrived in the promised I won’t tell anyone. Each colour is filled in a practical 18 millimetre container and is easy to use. $8.12 $ 8. It normally only takes two to three hours until the paint is completely dry. Revell Aqua . Well look, I already told you! Then I added some water and began to stir. © 2017 The Brushpainter - WordPress Theme : by, Paint Review: Revell Aqua Color (a.k.a. Can't you understand that? All 88 colours of the proven 'enamel paint' range are available as water-dilutable paint with great coverage! By the way, after six hours the enamel color applied is ready to be painted over with another enamel color or an Aqua Color color. The aircraft, the helicopter, the ship or the figure, however, is only completed with the coloured paint. There Revell clearly shows the required nuances. Ending 2 Jan at 1:08PM GMT 2d 16h. So in an effort to help model builders in North America, the chart below provides comparable paints more readily available. Low Prices Bugger all, every damn one looks different. The Aqua-Color colours from Revell are high-quality acrylic colours with numerous advantages. Revell acrylic paints come in a range of 72 colours and these are broken down into Gloss , Silk (semi-gloss), Matt and Metallic . Aqua Color paints and Email Color paints can be applied on top of each other, however, not mixed with each other. I just hope that a wide selection of colors will be included by Revell and dealers. Posted by Snakecopter on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 7:50 AM Been a forum member for a little while now, and i would like to know the thoughts of other forum members and the FSM team on this particular paint thats arrived onto the market....Revell Aqua Paint. Full Revell Aqua color chart. Just while I am here, a problem with the bottles that adds to drying out; sometimes the lid doesn’t go on perfectly, as your grey paint lid there. 99 $49.24 $49.24. There are no less than 88 colours available. from anyone who has delved into this and has formed an opinion, Vermillion, Carmine, Red oxide, Maroon, bright RGB red, —–arrgh any old Red —–. Model construction fans can also choose from a range of brown, gold and silver shades. If you would like to buy the paints tested above and you are from Poland you can do it directly in distributor online store. Windex then cleans the airbrush nicely afterwards. Apply in multiple thin coats, allowing adequate drying time between coats, until you have reached the colour density required. Revell Aqua Color - Aluminium Metallic, Revell Aqua Color - White Gloss, Revell Aqua Color - White Matte. £2.50. 34 sold. Revell Aqua Color Paints Brand New 13 tubs. Dries extremely quickly: The next coat of paint can be applied after a drying time of one hour. All listings - Current page Auction Buy it now Classified Ads. When adhering to the drying times, Aqua Color paints and Email Color paints can be applied on top of each other, however, not mixed with each other. Pricing is reasonable as is shipping. The packaging is not what it should be. So thick I could have pried it out and sliced it into slices. So that means you now have a formidable arsenal at your fingertips (well, as soon as any order touches down at your house). You can rely on this acrylic paint system for all your colour requirements. Revell Aqua Color. of 4 ; Page Next; The paint came back. I know you don’t care, but for those readers who do, it sprays perfectly with warm water and a touch of flow improver when thinned. I just hope that a wide selection … I thought “that’s that–no way will this paint come back.”. Revell Aqua Color 18 ml • The paints can be diluted wit.. 2.80€ I don’t know what “bugger all” means exactly, but if it means that the hobby stores tie me up and have their way with me then you are correct sir. more Format Format. Paint numbers correspond to the Revell tinlet numbering system. There may be cheaper shops there, but this one had the paint, and other odds and ends I wanted, with a decent delivery price. It makes all other paints look dumpkopf. For every project, the German manufacturer offers the right glue and brush so that your models get the perfect finish. “The Magical Paint”). Revell Enamel Model Paints (14ml) - £2.95 P&P + 15p each Additional Tinlet . When I unscrewed the cap, I found the dreaded sight of a paint that had almost gone “solid.” A big chunk of solid paint-stuff filled the bottle. Paints; Revell Paints; Revell Aqua Color; Revell Aqua Color. I didn’t expect much….but the more I stirred and the more water I added, the more I thought I was witnessing a miracle. The sets are intended for certain models - for example civil or military aircraft. Shop 10 pcs Revell Aqua Color Colour Paints 18ml for Models- You can choose the colours. to Canada in June, and USA in August. Get some sidecutters, and cut them clean off. I’ve researched everything I could find on the web and several good books. Revell and the other paints I recommend stick to bare plastic just fine. Truly a friendly, forgiving paint in all regards. One of the greatest advantages of the paints is that they can be diluted with water. Whether matt or glossy, colourless, black, white or anthracite: the Revell colours from the Aqua Color series leave plenty of room for design possibilities in plastic model making. Gloss. Internet future, here I come! This paint is not sold in the U.S.A.–but it is widely available in Europe. Recommended value: maximum 20 to 25 percent water. If it were in a Tamiya-style bottle it would be perfect. Now I didn’t think about the paint price itself. Honestly, they are using a business model that died in the 90s, and wonder why so many of them go out of business. These high quality acrylic colours can be diluted with water and intermixed to produce the perfect shade for nuanced details for every project. We stock the full range of all the Revell acrylic paint and Revell Enamel Paint as well as adhesives and glues. I dug out my old bottle of Revell Aqua Color dark green. I have reduced my thinking processes to that of gibbering idiot on one quest— to decide on the correct Red Baron red. £2.95 postage. Click & Collect. They dry extremely quickly and are characterised by their high opacity. Revell 18ml Aqua Color Acrylic Paint (anthracitegrey Mat Finish) 4.7 out of 5 stars 77. 04 White/Weiß - RAL 9010. Perfect finish. Paints and Glues Glues and Accessories | Enamel Paints | Acrylic Paints | Airbrushes | Compressors | . Revell Paints Toy Model Kit Paints/Accessories, Revell Paints Toy Model Kits, Revell Painted Plastic Toy Soldiers, Revell Toy Model Kit Paint, Tamiya Acrylic Paint, Revell Toy Model Kit Paints & Accessories, Aqua Dragons, Revell 747, Aqua Beads The above review of AQUA COLOR Revell was facilitated by Polish distributor of the brand - company COBI SA, which I thank for the support. Spray paints have always been indispensable in Revell model making. Revell Paints. unit 1. anchor business park castle road sittingbourne, kent me10 3ae Revell AQUA COLOUR - Acrylic Paints - 20ml pots . Refine. Revell Aqua is coming to North America,. Best of both worlds. The only “priming” I do is the application of paint to check a seam or some other blemish that’s been repaired or filled. It is important not to dilute them too much. Revell offers the Aqua-Color colours as single elements and also as combined sets. If you can get some of this paint, try it and find out what good acrylic paint is like. The adhesion isn’t quite as good as enamel, but since I don’t use masking tape it doesn’t matter. Environmentally friendly, virtually odourless and non-flammable. Maybe it is. I I have in the stash, it’s going to look like this. 2 bids. Furthermore Aqua Color inspires by the short drying time. You can rely on this acrylic paint system for all your colour requirements. Now all 88 colours of the proven ‘enamel paint’ range are available as water-dilutable paint with great cover- age! 5ml. Shop full range of Revell hobby and model enamel paints online at BNA Model World. I mean that. White and black as classic nuances await as well as various yellow, green, blue and red shades. Whoa is right. Aqua-Color colours are also suitable for airbrushing. The Revell Aqua Colours are available in 88 different shades so you can access the complete colour palette.

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